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EPT stand for Electro Photon Tech™, which is trademarked by us. This is the technology our panels use for lighting up, whether to the sound of thumping music, or on a pre-determined display animation.

Simply put, when electrons (electricity) are passed through the material, they emit photons (light), and hence the name Electro Photon Tech.

This is the technology that was used to light up the instrument panels for NASA’s Apollo spacecraft, and reliably worked all the way to the moon and back. So we’re pretty sure it can handle all your dance moves.

The World has witnessed designer t-shirts in the past with various printing methods and overused designs. The world has also seen monotonous and cheap quality electronic glowing t-shirts available in the past.

However we have brought something new not only to India but also to the rest of the world. We have redefined party wear clothes and have given birth to a new fashion statement that will mesmerize anyone who dares to accept this revolution. We have successfully created the perfect blend and fusion of Fashion, Art and Technology combined with quality never seen before.

The overall layout of the intense and mesmerizing graphic prints that flow seamlessly and sync with our trademark state of the art EPT panels, forming one giant hypnotising t-shirt, truly deliver a unique product never witnessed before. All our EPT T-shirts are based on different themes and are sure to make their owners feel like gravity at a party, pulling everyone towards them. Each one of these show stopping t-shirts feature a front and back print that synergise with the animated glowing EPT panels. Combine our range of attention grabbing, jaw dropping EPT T-shirts with your slick dance moves and before you know it, you are the party!

TechnOrgan     DivaLicious     DigiRain     The Butterfly Effect     MetaTronPortalizer

Warning: TFW will not take responsibility for the insane amount of attention, compliments, questions, drooling and looks of jealousy and envy you are certain to face.

Pros of our new EPT Concept T-shirts:

  1. The T shirts: Our T shirts are not the usual 160 GSM plain cotton T shirts the most companies in India offer. What we offer is unparalleled in the Indian market – 100% super combed super soft cotton, that has been bio washed, is 200 GSM to make it a really luxurious feel and fit, is pre-shrunk so the size you buy is the size you keep, has been tested for colour fastness and is Oeko Tex certified.  

  2. The Fitting: Can’t get a better fall on any other T-shirt. We’ve customised the fitting of our T shirts to specifically suit the Indian market, instead of taking the generic one size fits all approach that a lot of T shirt suppliers do. This means the T shirt will look made for you, and not like something you borrowed from your father.

  3. The Artwork: Our designs are generated by our great team of high tech graphic designers and animators. All our images/designs are protected by copyright laws and will exclusively feature only for our range of products.

  4. The Print: Unlike most of our competitors, we use state of the art digital DTG printing technology as opposed to low quality screen printing. These prints turn out 100% accurate, every time and can cater to the most complex image and colour fusion that can be possibly thought of. These prints also have a longer durability as they can take up to 60 washes and be ironed without the fear of fading or washing away.

  5. Variety: We have one of the largest variety in terms of design genres. We showcase themes such as psychedelic, music, attitude, funny, gaming and many more. We also feature our own self customization software online, which is specifically to help you design your own T-shirt and print as little as 1 order at a time.

  6. Choose Your Ammo: Now you can decide if you want your EPT T-shirt to run on demo animation or to respond to the beats of the music playing around you. Select the inverter that suits your needs best.

The EPT Panels themselves have some features that make them uber cool and perfect to light up your T shirt (and your party). They are:

  1. Rugged: UV protected, moisture resistant laminate. So it doesn’t matter if you’re at a rave party during the day, or at sunset on the beach, these continue to perform.

  2. Thin: These panels are incredibly thin – at xx mm they are almost as thin as the T shirt itself

  3. Flexible: These panels can easily handle the twisting and bending that happens with wearing (in fact, they can bend up to 45 degrees, far more than your chest will ever need to bend) so you can dance away your craziest dance moves without worrying about the EPT panel being stretched or flexed.

  4. Cool: We know that it looks really cool, but we also mean that it generates no heat, as the light is generated from a purely solid state process. So it keeps its cool, even while you heat up the dance floor.

Explainer Video:

Check out the below video to get a clear idea of who we are, what we do, and how it all works!


" The T-shirts we ordered for HackCoin- India's first blockchain hackathon, far exceeded our expectations, the quality and fit were spot on! Infact,... View more
Raunaq Vaisoha - Organizer of HackCoin
August 18, 2015

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