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Sound Activated Inverter

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Our Sound Activated Inverter has an inbuilt mike with high sensitivity that picks up music that is playing around you, and supplies power to your EPT panel according to the music beats - so it looks like your EPT panel is responding to the music!

The inverter is powered by 4 AAA batteries, which let it power the EPT panels for many hours of non stop dancing! There is also a sensitivity wheel in the sound activated inverters, which lets you choose how sensitive you want your panel to be to the music - so you can adjust the sensitivity based on your surroundings - low sensitivity will work for high noise environments like clubs and raves, while high sensitivity would be better for lounges and bars with soft music playing.

There is an on off switch, so you can conveniently switch off your EPT panel whenever you want, and there's a red light provided on top of the inverter which signals whether it is switched on or off. Lastly, there is also a clip at the back of the inverter that allows you to safely clip your inverter to the hidden pocket in your TFW T shirt, or to your jeans, belt or whatever else you like - so you can dance away without worrying about your inverter falling out!

Because we do really care, about what you wear.

Welcome to The Future Wear. Welcome to the world of Future Fashion, Redefined. 

Your inverters are pretty rough and tough, but they're not waterproof, so try not to wear them in the rain, in the shower, or in the swimming pool for that matter. Use only good quality batteries as cheap batteries may leak and damage the inverter.
For our inverters, we provide a 30 day guarantee, subject to the terms of use. If your inverter stops working we will have it replaced for you. Contact us at returns@thefuturewear.com

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