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If you've got it, flaunt it! And there's no better way to flaunt it than by wearing this extremely eye catching Electro Photon Tech Panel. Time to let the inner Diva out!

Our Electro Photon TechTM Panels (trademarked by TFW) is the same technology that was used to light up the instrument panels for NASA’s Apollo spacecraft, and reliably worked all the way to the moon and back. So we’re pretty sure it can handle all your dance moves.!

These are 100% safe, extremely thin, flexible and super cool! Read more about them on our EPT page.

Because we do really care, about what you wear.

Welcome to The Future Wear. Welcome to the world of Future Fashion, Redefined. 

Your EPTTM Panels are state of the art, and as such can tolerate a lot of rough use, crazy cool dance moves, and all the attention in the world (which it will get, naturally). However, there are a few points that would show it you care:

  1. Keep away from direct heat, water and avoid excessive humidity
  2. Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of time
  3. Do not fold, cut, or bend the panel or the flat cable
  4. Avoid putting heavy pressure on the inverter, cable or connector
  5. EPT Panels are only compatible with matching TFW Inverters – please do not use with other inverters
  6. Side effects of product might include getting laid
For our EPT panels, we provide a 30 day guarantee, subject to the terms of use. If your EPT™ panels stop working, or become too dim, we will have these replaced for you. Contact us at returns@thefuturewear.com

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