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TFW takes intellectual property protection quite seriously. We have trademarked our brand, logo and our products. In addition, all our content on the site, (for example the photos, videos, logos, text, designs, icons, buttons, software etc), as well as the designs of our physical products are the intellectual property of TFW and are protected by domestic and international copyright and intellectual property laws.


You agree to comply with the intellectual property and copyright laws in letter and in spirit and to respect the intellectual property of others when you use or access the site through browsing, crawling, tracking, linking, sharing or any other form. Your use of this site is governed by these laws, and you agree not to download, share, display, publish, alter, replicate, transmit, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble, or distribute in any other form any information, content, designs or products from this site that could be in violation of copyright and intellectual property laws, without the express written approval of TFW. You shall be solely responsible for any violations of these terms and for any infringements of copyrights and intellectual property rights caused by you through content you provided in any form, including posting, sharing, emailing, or making available through any other media. The burden of proving that any such actions did not violate copyright and intellectual property laws rest solely with you.


TFW makes certain software available on its website to enhance user experience and offer new features to the user. By allowing you to use the software, TFW does not transfer either the license, the title or the intellectual property rights of the software to you, and TFW retains the full and complete right, title and ownership of the software and the intellectual property data contained herein, such as the designs, buttons, logos etc. You may not sell, redistribute, or reproduce the Software, nor may you decompile, reverse-engineer, disassemble, or otherwise convert the Software to a human-perceivable form. The use of the software is strictly for the purpose of using and ordering from the TFW site, and any use of it beyond as stated above is expressly prohibited, including using it for any other commercial purposes.


The responsibility to ensure that any user submitted content does not violate copyright or intellectual property rights lies solely with the user, as stated in the terms of service. However, if you believe that such a violation has taken place, then please contact us using the Contact Us section of the website. We will need evidence of such violation, which would include:

  • Identifying the material that you believe violates the copyright and intellectual property rights
  • Identifying the original source of the material and establishing that it was the original material and the rights of the owner of the material have been infringed upon, along with proof of ownership – such as trademark registration details or copyright registration details
  • A signed declaration (whether written or digital) from the owner of the material or from a representative authorised to act on behalf of the owner of the material, stating that the original material belongs to them, and that it was their rights have been infringed upon without their consent
  • Your contact information sufficient for us to establish regular communication with you
  • A signed written statement that the claim submitted by you is accurate, under penalty of defamation and perjury, and that you are either the owner of the intellectual property, or have the right to represent the owner of the intellectual property
  • Based on such information, TFW will then investigate any such allegation of violation of copyright and intellectual property laws, and if found to be valid, TFW will edit or delete any such content from its website, and if required, cooperate with the legal authorities in sharing the details of the perpetrators. At no point will TFW be responsible for such content, nor will TFW be responsible for pressing charges.


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