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The Future Wear isn’t about doing what’s already been done a thousand times by a hundred others. TFW aims to innovate, to bring new things to the Indian market, to offer the people things that are currently not present here, but will be an intricate part of the future.

Digital Printing

Most T shirts we get in the market have designs printed on them using screen printing technique. Screen printing involves using a pre created screen that allows ink to be put on a T shirt in a specific pattern. Individual screens need to be created for each colour.

We use a state of the art digital printer imported from the US, which is a whole new and different way of printing on T shirts other than screen printing. A quick summary of the differences are detailed in the infographic below.

4 key differences between screen printing and DTG | TFW


Single Order Customised T shirts

How would you feel if your face looked like a thousand others? If everyone had the same name as you? If all our houses looked the same? That would be pretty bumming. After all, we are all unique individuals, with different preferences, tastes, opinions and expressions.

Yet, we are forced the wear the same styles, the same designs of T shirts as everyone else. You’re either wearing a bland Polo T shirt, or a round neck with a print that thousands others have.

And if you want to customise your own T shirt with your own designs? Then they slap on a minimum order requirement, saying you need to order at least 10 T shirts of the same design. Why on Earth would I want to have 10 T shirts in my wardrobe of the same design?

These are the things of the past. We at TFW want to unshackle you from these restraints. We have a custom T shirt designer software inbuilt in our website which you can use to design your own individual T shirt unlike that of anyone else in the world. And you can order just a single piece of it. No hidden clauses, no hidden terms. That’s all there is to it. Even better, it will be printed on our original high quality 200 GSM pre-shrunk, super soft, super combed, bio washed T shirts, and the printing will be done using our state of the art printer that we have imported from the US.

Yes, we take our quality, and your freedom to individuality, very seriously

Electro-Photon Tech™ Panels

Ground breaking technology brought to India, these Panels make the shirt actually light up, not just glow in the dark. The lights respond to music, dancing along to the beat. Or you can select to have it work on a preset animation without needing music to light it up. These also bend, are flexible, generate no heat, and are extremely thin. Find out more about these uber cool devices at The Tech.


" The T-shirts we ordered for HackCoin- India's first blockchain hackathon, far exceeded our expectations, the quality and fit were spot on! Infact,... View more
Raunaq Vaisoha - Organizer of HackCoin
August 18, 2015

News & Happenings

The Future Wear launches its teaser trailer! Check it out on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheFutureWear. Click "Read More" to read other news and events.

The Future Wear was proud to be an apparel partner of HackCoin - India's first Crypto Currency Themed Hackathon based on innovation in Finance around BitCoin - organised at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Click "Read More" to read other news and events.

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