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TFW stands for The Future Wear. It is our endeavour to bring you the best in quality of the materials and the designs. We constantly innovate, so you have the best and the latest. We give you the freedom to design your own and let your individuality and creativity show, without placing minimum order requirements. We give you clothes that light up and react to music. We give you designs that are so futuristic, they’ll have a place in history. We give you, The Future Wear.

Through email, snail mail, phone, website, fax, FB, Twitter or telepathy, whatever works for you. See all the options and details in our Contact Us page.

Unfortunately, we didn’t study the stock market in 2061, so we don’t know which stocks go up. If we did, we’d be buying stocks instead of selling T shirts. However, a fashion tip – don’t throw away your bellbottoms yet, they make a comeback again in the not too distant future. And yes, designs from this company called TFW stay trendy forever. And ever.

  • What is EPT?
  • What can or can’t I do with EPT?
  • How good is your EPT?
  • What quality of T shirts do you use?
  • How good is your printing quality?
  • What size do I order?
  • What is Custom Printing?
  • What are the care instructions for my TFW merchandise?
  • What if what I want is out of stock?

EPT stands for our trademark Electro Photon TechTM It is a technology that allows for ridiculously thin, flexible panels to emit light in whatever design or colour you want, and respond to the music. It stays cool, and makes you look cooler. Read up more about it in The Tech

Can’t: The EPT Panels are moisture resistant, but not waterproof, so you can’t wash the EPT panels. Make sure you remove them from the T shirt (they come attached with Velcro) before you throw your T shirt in for a wash. Needless to say, you can’t go swimming with them either.
Can: You can wear them while busting out your craziest moves without worrying about them getting damaged. You can wear them indoors, outdoors or in space, they’ll perform equally well.

It is absolutely the best. Period. We’ve spent a lot to ensure that our panels are outstanding when it comes to quality, luminosity, longevity, connectivity, responsiveness and safety. If however you find there are problems with it, or would like to suggest improvements, please feel to reach out to us through our Contact Us section.

Our T shirts aren’t run of the mill 160 GSM plain cotton T shirts, like most of our competitors. What we offer is unparalleled in the Indian market – 100% super combed super soft cotton, that has been bio washed, is 200 GSM to make it a really luxurious feel and fit, is pre-shrunk so the size you buy is the size you keep, has been tested for colour fastness and is Oeko Tex certified.

You must be getting the gist by now on how focused we are on quality, but we can’t say it enough – our print quality, like our T shirts and EPT panels, is absolutely top notch. We’ve imported a Digital Printer from the US of one of the world’s leading brands to ensure that what we print looks great, feels natural and stays on forever.

Excellent question. Assuming you aren’t planning on either putting on tons of muscle, or losing inches of fat, we would suggest you take some quick measurements of yourself, and compare it with our sizing chart to get a better idea. Remember, a wee bit lose is always better than quite tight. After all, there’s a limit to how long we can hold our breath (for now, until we finish innovating our perpetual skin breather T shirt)

Our custom printing is quite unlike most of the custom printing offers you will get in the market. We allow you to create unlimited designs and print a single quantity of each. Want T shirts for a bachelor/bachelorette party with individual names? We can do it. Want realistic photos printed on a T shirt that feels like part of the fabric? We can do it. Want to create your own unique design? Use our free design tool on our website with thousands of options of cliparts, objects, shapes and colours to get exactly what you want. Already have something that you want to get printed? Email it to us and we will print it for you. Even better, we will offer you a free consultation with our design gurus who can suggest how to improve your design.

Essentially, our custom printing says that no matter what you want to print, even on a single order T shirt, we can do it. Some call it freedom, some call it innovation. Some even call it market disruption. We call it The Future Wear.

Like all of us, these T shirts appreciate a little bit of love and TLC. They can be machine washed, ideally in gentle settings with cold water. For the personal touch though, they absolutely love being handwashed. They like hanging out - especially to dry. Tumble dryers are generally not recommended, but if must be used, then on a gentle setting. And to ensure your prints stay looking fresh and bright for years to come, iron your T shirts inside out on mild temperatures. Love them, and they'll love you back!

Demand it! If what you want is out of stock, just click on the “Notify Me” button, make sure your email address is with us, and we’ll work our damnedest to get it back in stock again just for you, and will notify you as soon as we do!

  • Can I send you artwork to print?
  • What format should I send my artwork in?
  • What kind of images are best printed using your technology?
  • How do I sell my designs through you?
  • How much money can I make?
  • How do I get paid?
  • How do I know for sure how much I have sold?
  • Who owns the copyright to my artwork?
  • What happens if I upload ripped, stolen or copyrighted art?
  • How do I submit an innovative idea for a futuristic product?
  • What royalty can I expect to earn if the idea is implemented?
  • How is the decision made if the image/idea is original?

Absolutely. Whether you want to send us something to print just for yourself, or a design that you think is cool enough to be part of our catalogue, feel free to reach out to us!

We prefer the artwork to come in high quality PSD, AI or CDR files. Make sure the background colour is a separate layer, and the background itself is transparent, as we need to print with a transparent background. The colour setting should ideally be RGB, as that prints the brightest, whereas CMYK gets a bit dull. .

Pretty much anything and everything. Photographs come out looking very realistic, without the plastic shiny artificial feeling that normal heat transfer printing gives. Intricate artwork with millions of colours and gradients can be printed, unlike screen printing. The best print effects come out on a white T shirt, because much like white drawing paper or white canvas, white T shirts highlight the colours the best.

Sign up as an artist! It’s easy, and profitable! For every design of yours that sells, you get a commission – the more popular your design, the more money in your pockets! Check out our page Be a TFW Designer! for more details!

A little more than Mark Zuckerberg, if enough people buy your design! But seriously, there is no limit to how much you can make, and we do not cap total royalty – we believe the artist should be paid as per his work, and we strongly support the artist community. You get a fixed percentage for your designs, and the more you sell, the more you make, no limits!

When you sign up as an artist with us, you will need to fill in a form and provide us with your bank details. At the end of every month, whatever is due to you based on the designs sold, we will send you a notification confirming it, and upon your acceptance will transfer the money to your account.

We have a very robust backend that tracks each and every item and design sold, and generates a report every week. It is based on this report that we then pay the artists for their work sold. In case of any dispute, we will be more than glad to share the back end reports of the items sold with you. We strongly believe in supporting artists and the community, and we know that the only right way to grow and develop, is if we do it together, with mutual trust and respect.

By signing up as a TFW artist and submitting your artwork to us, you are giving us the copyright to your artwork, in return for a royalty percentage on every sale we make. The more attractive your art, the more it sells, the more you make. One important clause of handing over the copyright to us is that the artwork must be exclusive – i.e. you cannot sell the same design on another website.

The onus of ensuring the art is original lies with you, since you are submitting it. If we find out your art is not your own, then we will remove it from the website, and block you from any future transactions with us. If someone files a case against stolen art, that case gets registered against you – TFW will cooperate with all legal authorities in sharing data of people who violate any laws. Respect for the community and the artist is paramount!

If you have a funky, trendy, innovative idea that is just screaming to be introduced, don’t hold back! Contact us, and we’ll evaluate the idea. We will either implement it, or if not, at least give you suggestions on how to make it better! See your ideas become live!

While there is no greater joy than seeing your idea become real and achieve fulfilment, we believe it should be accompanied by monetary rewards to make the sense of fulfilment that much sweeter. Depending on the idea, the investment required from us, and the potential sales, we can sit together and work out a mutually beneficial agreement. At no point will you be contractually tied or obligated – we’re free and easy and we like to respect people who think the same.

Based on trust. We obviously cannot check every image and idea to see if it is absolutely original, but the terms and conditions you’ll need to agree to when you submit any image or business idea will clearly highlight the need to ensure that the legal responsibility lies with you for the idea being original.

  • How do I change my password?
  • How do I change my email?
  • How do I change my billing and shipping address?

In case you forget the password to your account, go to the Log In page, and click on “Forgot Password”. Provide your log in ID, and follow the instructions to set a new password.

Log into your account, and in your profile section you will see your email mentioned. From here, you can change your email

Log into your account, and in your profile section you will see your billing and shipping addresses mentioned. From here you can change these addresses or add new ones. Alternatively, you can also change these addresses at the time of checkout of your order.

  • What are the shipping charges?
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • How long is the estimated delivery?
  • How can I track my package?

Domestic Shipping is absolutely free, no matter where you live! For International shipping, if the order is below the minimum required amount, then shipping charges vary depending on your location, quantity ordered and speed of delivery. For details, please check out our Shipping and Returns page.

Yes, we do! However, the amount required for free shipping is much higher in International shipping, and the shipping rates vary too. For details on international shipping, please check out our Shipping and Returns page. Or you could just try buying a product, and enter your international shipping address to see the shipping charges that will apply. Please note that additional costs such as customs clearance in the destination country will not be handled by TFW, and will have to be borne by the recipient.

From your date of order, we target to deliver within 7-10 working days. Since most of our orders are custom made especially for you, to keep the T shirts and prints fresh, sometimes orders might get delayed. In either case, we will provide you with a tracking number, so you know exactly when your order will be arriving.

To track your package, log into your account, and there you will see the option to track your package. Alternatively, you can also use the tracking number and the link provided to you in the email we send once we ship your order to track your package. Package tracking is available for both domestic and international shipments. Please allow 12-24 hours for the tracking data to be activated after shipping.

  • What is your return policy?
  • What do I do if I get a defective product?
  • How long is your warranty on EPT products?

We have a very open and flexible returns policy – to see the details, please check out our Shipping and Returns page.

We use the best quality products, and have multiple points of Quality Control to ensure you get a top notch defect free product. However, in the extremely unlikely circumstance that you get a defective product, please let us know, and we will have it collected at our cost, and give you a choice of a new product, a total refund, or store credit. We will even refund your shipping costs, and ship the replacement product to you free of cost – that’s how confident we are of our quality!

All our EPT products are backed by a 30 day warranty – should anything go wrong with them in this period, just write to us, and we will have this collected and a new one sent to you without any charges!

  • What payment methods do you have?
  • How secure is the payment?

We have tied up with one of India’s leading payment gateways – PayU. Through them, we provide you with a wide variety of payment options – Netbanking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and even Cash on Delivery (CoD).

PayU is one of India’s leading payments gateways, and the payment through them is extremely secure. No payment details of yours are stored on our server as the transaction is processed through them. In addition, we also use SSL for secure transactions – which is the industry leading standard for transaction security.


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