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Introducing Custom designed T shirts in India!

Everything about us is unique. We all look different (even identical twins have minor differentiating factors), our fingerprints are unique and no one else in the world has the same DNA as anyone else. That’s a powerful thought – each and every one of us is unique! And it’s not just physically – no two people in the world think exactly alike either, and will respond to different situations differently.

That’s a great gift to have – our uniqueness that defines us. And yet we waste this uniqueness by dressing up like everyone else. Just stand outside Wall Street, and see how everyone ends up looking the same, because everyone is wearing either a black or a dark blue suit. The same applies when we buy T shirts – we don’t get customised T shirts – we just pick from a range of readily available designs that companies manufacture in bulk. Here’s a thought – almost any T shirt you buy from a big brand, there are at least 10,000 other people who have the same T shirt! Because that’s the average printing size that big brands go in for.

The reason behind this is economics and convenience. The more prints of each design you do, the cheaper it is to print that design. And the fewer designs you have, the lesser designers you need to pay.

Well, we say enough of that. We’re not here to squander our uniqueness.

At The Future Wear, not only do we offer you over 10,000 T shirt design, type, size and colour combinations you can choose from, but we also give you the power to create your own designs. To ask for whatever it is you would like printed on your T shirt. And we will print your custom designed T shirt, just for you, and have it shipped to you, even with only a single order of the T shirt. Just like that, simple and easy. To make it even easier, we have integrated a custom design software on our website which you can use to create your customised T shirt.

So, why join the masses when you can stand out? Make your style statement, wear what you believe in – design your own customised T shirt, and buy it online – and we’ll deliver it anywhere across India!

The printing will be state of the art DTG printing, done by machines manufactured in USA and imported from there. The T shirts are extremely high quality T shirts usually reserved for the export market. And the packaging will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Why do we need awesome packaging you ask? Well these high quality t-shirts deserve nothing less. The fantastic packaging makes it an awesome gift, which you can customise for your friends, family or partner in crime.

After all, this is The Future Wear – Future Fashion Redefined.


Electro Photon Tech T shirts – T shirts that light up – perfect party T shirts!

Get noticed with partying/clubbing T shirts that light up with Electro Photon Tech™ technology – used by NASA on the Apollo missions to the moon!

Clubbing will never be the same again. The T-shirts will light up and animate to the ambient music, complementing your dance moves. Be very careful while using these awesome light up T-shirts, they are NOT hazardous to your health in anyway but may attract more attention than you can handle.

These also make for awesome Diwali T shirts, Christmas T shirts, New Year T shirts or any festival T shirts! They even make for perfect festival gifts, truly lighting up the occasion! You can wear these light up T shirts in clubs, bars, lounges, concerts and parties – and these T shirts will light up to the beat of the music.

You can buy these T shirts online on our site, and we will have these home delivered to you within 4 days. Cash on delivery is an option offered on these light up party T shirts, so you don’t need to worry about paying online.


Why should I buy T shirts online in India?

Gone are the days when buying T shirts meant going to crowded stores, being pestered by irritating salesmen and being shown a poor range of designed T shirts, with no refunds or returns policy. India is undergoing a major upheaval in shifting towards the online marketplace, and T shirts have been a frontrunner in that shift.

Buying T shirts online in India has become extremely convenient and safe. You can sit in the luxury of your home, check out thousands of designs, see the sizing chart to get an accurate idea of the fitting, order as many or as little as you want, pay using secure encrypted payment options, get it delivered to your home, and even return it if it doesn’t fit well, doesn’t look good, or doesn’t make you happy!

At the Future Wear, we bring you over 10,000 design, colour and size combinations! All of which have been categorised by themes to make it easier for you to find the design of your choice. There’s also a search button in case you are looking for any specific design – for example “dragons”, or “Gym” T shirts. Almost every T shirt design we have is available in 5 colours – Black, White, Red, Green and Blue, and in 5 sizes – S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Our T shirts don’t sit around in the shop gathering dust and fading away over time – they are freshly printed for you after you place your order, ensuring that your T shirt is absolutely new, crisp and quite literally fresh off the printing press!

You can pay for your purchase using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking or even choose Cash on Delivery. We deliver using premium FedEx services to ensure that your T shirt is treated well, and delivered to you as soon as possible. What’s more – delivery of your Future Wear T shirt is absolutely free anywhere in India!

And should you not like the T shirt for any reason (although we can’t imagine why), or if you just changed your mind – all you have to do it ask for a replacement, and we’ll have this T shirt picked up and a new one delivered to you right away!

Given all this convenience, flexibility and variety, one has to wonder, why wouldn’t someone buy T shirts online in India? After all, it is the age of the consumer!



" The T-shirts we ordered for HackCoin- India's first blockchain hackathon, far exceeded our expectations, the quality and fit were spot on! Infact,... View more
Raunaq Vaisoha - Organizer of HackCoin
August 18, 2015

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