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About Us

Welcome, to The Future Wear.

What we offer is unlike anything else on the market. And that’s not just a marketing line.

We believe we are all unique, individualistic, with our rights to showcase that uniqueness.

We believe we should be able to print whatever we want on our clothes and wear it. Not have silly restrictions that say “You can only print up to 12 colours”, or “You need to order a minimum of 10 T shirts if you’re creating a new design”, or even “Best quality T shirts are for export. Average quality are for domestic use”. These are restrictions placed on us, which make us grind our teeth. And it’s about time we broke free.

You want to create your own design that expresses your individuality? Go ahead – use our custom design software tool, or send us an image of what you already have and we will print it for you. Minimum order quantity? 1. Because anything more than 1 is not unique.

Worried your design has too many colours? Don’t. We use an entirely different technology from what is available in India – and we have imported brand new high tech machines from the US that offer over a billion colours that can be printed. If you can create it, we can print it. What’s more, these prints become part of the fabric – they have a very soft feel, they don’t fade, and you can iron on them without worrying about spoiling the look. So, whether you machine wash it or hand wash it, tumble dry it or dry it in the sun, iron on the backside or iron on the print – the choice is yours. It doesn’t come with a hundred restrictions.  

Our Electro Photon Tech™ range of T shirts allow you to wear T shirts that are not just static printed images, but T shirts that actually light up, that respond to music - making you stand out on any dance floor, lounge or party. Could it get any more unique than that?

As for the quality? It can’t be beat – and that’s a guarantee. When we sourced our T shirts, most suppliers laughed at us, saying what we were asking for was even higher than the quality of T shirts used for export, and if we were targeting the domestic market, we should order much lower quality T shirts.


Why would we make some of the best T shirts in the world, and then only export them? It was a struggle to convince suppliers to give us what we wanted, but it was a struggle that was well worth it, for we were not willing to compromise on quality. And for that, instead of picking up readily available stock T shirts, we had a fabric especially created for us, and then tailor cut to fit the Indian physique. What we offer is unparalleled in the Indian market – 100% super combed super soft cotton, that has been bio washed, is 200 GSM to make it a really luxurious feel and fit, is pre-shrunk so the size you buy is the size you keep, has been tested for colour fastness and is Oeko Tex certified.  

Welcome, to The Future Wear.


" The T-shirts we ordered for HackCoin- India's first blockchain hackathon, far exceeded our expectations, the quality and fit were spot on! Infact,... View more
Raunaq Vaisoha - Organizer of HackCoin
August 18, 2015

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The Future Wear was proud to be an apparel partner of HackCoin - India's first Crypto Currency Themed Hackathon based on innovation in Finance around BitCoin - organised at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Click "Read More" to read other news and events.

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